Review: Vintage-Inspired Cosmetics from Le Bombe Beaute, Part 1

Hi y’all!

Today I’m happy to be reviewing cosmetics courtesy of Le Bombe Beaute, a new vintage-inspired makeup brand. I was offered two of their kits: the Movie Star Powder kit and the 1940s Beaute kit. The kits I received are slightly smaller than what’s shown and listed on their site, but I’ll do my best to review what I think about their products! The first half will come today, and I’ll talk about the second kit tomorrow. A two-for-one special!

The 1940s Beaute Kit

Le Bombe Beaute
The 1940s Beaute Kit (compact and mascara tube are mine)

In my collection I got three eyeshadows, a powder eyeliner, a powder blush, lipstick, and an eyeliner and eyebrow stencil and sealer. Spoiler alert: my favorite piece was the lipstick that came with this grouping, a color modeled after the glorious Rita Hayworth herself!

Le Bombe Beaute

The kit comes with a light beige, a highlighter, and a soft brown eyeshadow. The beige color is fully matte and is about my natural skin tone so it works perfectly as a base; it may be a better highlighter for those of you with darker skin tones. The highlighter has a lot of shimmer and has a vaguely yellow tone. The soft brown is perfect for the eyelid and has just a touch of glitter. All shadows have good pigmentation, as I find a couple of taps cover my eyelid! Though all eyeshadows in the 1940s were completely matte, I don’t feel that the slight shimmer in the brown tone is distracting. Even while striving for an “authentic” look I sometimes like to cave and add a touch of highlighter to my inner eye, so having the shimmery highlighter is a nice addition.

Le Bombe Beaute

The shadows are simply fixed in the case with magnets, so they have the tendency to move around as I use them; you could always glue these down but the magnets also mean you can exchange colors in your palette. The kit comes with a few applicators and brushes, with a mirror on the inside, so you could simply toss the little palette in your purse and go! The blush is just as pigmented as the shadows and a little goes a long way. It also has a touch of shimmer.

Le Bombe Beaute

Le Bombe BeauteThe stencils and the sealer are brand new for me! As suggested in the included instructions, I cut the eyeliner stencil in half longwise before using, as I found it more easily fit against my eyelid that way. In all honesty, this was a tad difficult to use, but it did give me a nice wing on either eye. This could be helpful for the gal just starting who needs a little help to get nice, even liner. I used an eyeliner brush with the dark brown shadow, and topped it off with the sealer, and it stayed all day with a softer look than a liquid or pot eyeliner.

I didn’t use the eyebrow stencil, as I’ve never once filled in my crazy-thick brows (eye roll) – I don’t even know how! But I have a feeling that the eyebrow stencil would be easier to use than the eyeliner, due to the flatter shape of the forehead/brow compared to the curved eyelid for the eyeliner. For the newbie, this will take a little practice.

Le Bombe Beaute

I was really impressed by the packaging of this little beauty of a lipstick! It comes in a sleek black tube with a 3D rose on the lid, such a lovely touch. The formula of this red-orange tone is completely matte and highly pigmented. Because of this, its quite drying and hard, but a little goes a long way. I forgot to photograph the lipstick itself somehow, but I’ve been wearing it all week in my Instagram pictures!

Le Bombe Beaute

In summary, I really like the color of the lipstick and it applies in such a richly pigmented way, so I’ll definitely be using it throughout the summer! I’ve recently switched from cat eyeliner to only powders, so this shadow kit works well for my new, softer preferences. On my laziest days, I do a swipe of the beige shadow and a quick coat of mascara. For more drama, I like to use the dark brown shade for crease of my eye! I’ll be posting a tutorial of my easy, quick, authentic 1940s look in the future.

Until tomorrow, when I’ll be reviewing the Movie Star Powder Kit!

What’s your favorite vintage makeup look?

Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

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*A big thank you to Le Bombe Beaute for providing samples for this review! All opinions are completely my own based on my experience testing them out this week.*

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