eBay Round-Up: Week of 05/31!


Hello darling readers! It’s that time again – my weekly post of fabulous eBay finds! As always, I’ll only post what I consider to be amazing vintage pieces, with most being under $20-25 (including shipping). Oh, and I should’ve mentioned in the last post that all the ending times are in PST. I’ve got some gorgeous and lovely items featured today, so be sure to check them out and snag them while you still can!

Let me know if you end up winning any of these, I’d love to know!

Vintage Peachbloom Velour Felt Wool Hat 1940s: $10.99 BIN (“Buy It Now”) + $11.55 shipping, auction ends 06/08 at 8:06am


SASSY 1 Pr LANVIN FANCY FAUX PEARL HEEL SEAMED Vintage Nylon Stockings 9/30″: $29 + $2.20 shipping, auction ends Wednesday 5:59pm

I know these are more expensive than most I post, but wow, aren’t they spectacular! Check out this seller’s other stockings, as well.


Mel Hahn & Gilbert Vintage Sheer Pink Chiffon Nylon 1940s Blouse Original Tag: $7.99 + $3.95 shipping, bust 38″, auction ends 6/10 at 8:37am


Vintage 60’s Pink & White Plastic Lucite Triangle Bead Bib Necklace: $13.99 BIN + FREE shipping


VTG 60s Open Toe Slingback Sandals High Heels Shoes Costume Display sz 6 B: $4.50 BIN + $10.55 shipping, auction ends in two days


Vtg BLUE PAJAMA SET WITH EMBROIDERED FLOWERS AND SHEER BELT 44 Bust: $7.95 BIN + $4.95 shipping, auction ends in 25 days (get it before it’s gone!)


1940s Art Deco Mega Carved Olive Green Bakelite Screw Back Earrings Set Tested!$6.50 + FREE shipping, auction ends Tuesday 7:34am


Grey and Yellow 1950’s Vintage Metallic Plaid Day Dress Large$10 + $6.15 shipping, auction ends Tuesday 11:19pm


VINTAGE Pin Up Girdle GARTER With METAL CLASP SEARS Glam NYLON Sissy SZ L$6.19 + $2.96 shipping, auction ends Monday 5:39pm

This piece is a vintage large, better suited for a modern medium. But judge at your own discretion! The listing includes dimensions.


60’s Vintage Seashell White Pencil Skirt, Sz. Small$9.99 + $2.99 shipping, auction ends Thursday 3:18pm

And the BEST for last! I’m obsessed with this piece. The measurements list a 16″ waist flat, so probably best for a size large… I have no idea why they list it as a small. Could also be a typo – I’d contact the seller if concerned!

shell skirt

For the love of vintage,


eBay Round-Up: Week of 05/24

Hi y’all! I’m really jazzed to start what I plan to make a regular feature on my blog – weekly eBay round-ups of awesome vintage deals! I do a lot of my shopping on eBay, where opportunity abounds for the deal of a lifetime. Really, sometimes I feel like I’m practically stealing the items. Vintage NOS mules for $11 including shipping?! Yes PLEASE.


One of my proudest vintage shopping moments :’)

Where else can you find beautiful vintage pieces for such bargains? Sure, you have to search (sometimes for hours), and you may be outbid, but that’s all part of the excitement for me. I love the “hunt” of vintage, and with eBay I can have that anywhere I get an internet signal. I do a lot more window shopping than actual shopping, in all honesty (thanks, recent college grad budget), but every once in a while you find that fabulous item for under $20 that you just can’t pass up. I intend to keep the majority of the items on here below $20 too – at least at the moment of posting! – though there may be a few amazing pieces slightly above that if they’re really worth it. I’m looking for a variety of vintage related items, from patterns and purses to undergarments and outergarments, for a range of sizes and eras. That way, an equally wide variety of vintage vixens like y’all will have opportunities to find the item of your dreams!

So here we go! Happy shopping 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 5.09.48 PM

Vintage Simplicity 8395 50s Rockabilly Halter Dress and Bolero Pattern Bust 34″: $3.00 + $2.50 shipping, auction up today 4:24pm 

Vintage Vanity Fair Beige Lace Nylon Bullet Pin-up Bra U.S.A Made Wireless 32C: $13.95 + FREE shipping, auction up June 4th at 9:13am


Vintage 70s 80s Ann Tobias Tangerine Orange Lined Pencil Skirt with Slit: $2 + $6.50 shipping, size XS (waist 24″), auction up Saturday 10:23am


STUNNING VINTAGE ESTATE 409 TESTED BUTTERSCOTCH BAKELITE BANGLE BRACELET!!! 473I: $2.32 + $3.75 shipping, auction up Thursday 7:42pm


Ivory Knit Poncho Sweater Cardigan One Size OS Button Front Hippie Acrylic Cape: $2.99 + $8.98 shipping, size L-XL/OS (bust 46″), auction ends today 7:31pm


VTG Vintage Bed Jacket Pink Pajama Top Size Small Lingerie Early 1960s S Kayser: $0.49 + $5 shipping, auction ends today 6:49pm


VINTAGE TWEED OATMEAL COAT W/ HUGE FUR COLLAR-REMCROFT-FRENCH RIVER MILLS #7508: $0.99 + $9.55 shipping, size L? (bust 48″), auction ends Monday 7pm
The warmer months are a great time to buy coats – no one else is competing with you!


Vintage 60’s Pant and Blouse Set, Cotton, Sailor Style, Light Green, Retro, Mod: $1.99 + FREE shipping, size S (bust 42″, waist 24″ with 3-4″ to let out), auction up Monday 5:16pm
I may be bidding against y’all for this lovely set.. it’s darling!


VTG 50s 60s Rhoda Lee White Embroidery & Crochet Trim School Girl Blouse -34 M: $1 + FREE shipping, auction up Thursday 7:59pm


Vintage Gold Lame Handbag with chain: $4 + $3.94 shipping ($8 Buy It Now!), auction up Tuesday 5:06pm


I hope y’all had a good weekend (and that maybe this makes it even better) – and Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served this country.

Sewing Projects: You Win Some, You Lose Some.

I’m a project girl. I love the motivation I get when I’ve finished a step, and I only have four, three, two, one left until my project is complete. There’s a certain sort of satisfaction that comes with every bit of progress, and that satisfaction still happens if you’re the type to take a long time on a project (cough, cough… why are you looking at me?). That satisfaction comes to a screeching halt, however, when you realize there’s something you literally have no idea how to do. Google is great for things like edge stitching – oh, it’s exactly what it sounds like! – but for others, it’s a whooole different ballgame, baby. And my weakness? Buttonholes.

I can do a zipper, even a lapped one, with no issue at all. The first lapped zipper I ever tried, I did without looking up instructions: I’d seen them on my vintage garments and thought I could do it by instinct. And boy, how cool did it feel when I was right! Unfortunately, though, that “instinct” didn’t extend to buttonholes. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I’m afraid of them. Truly.

I feel like my nice Simplicity reprint pattern was laughing in my face, too. So blasé. 10. Make buttonholes in right front. …That’s it?! Are you kidding me?? How could this single line of instruction possibly comprise the vast amount of stress-inducing steps behind making a buttonhole? All the worrying, the crying, the staring at online tutorials and hyperventilating… Maybe I’m being dramatic. Though those online tutorials definitely gave me an excuse to draaaw this fear out and keep it away until I felt I was “ready” – whatever that means.

Come on, honey. We’re badass seamstresses making completely unique, handmade vintage garments here. A buttonhole is NO match for me! …Right?

Well, apparently, WRONG. When I finally mustered up the courage to try out the buttonholes on my dress itself, one try after the next failed where none of the previous trials had. After I got the thought to then inspect my machine, I realized that it wasn’t my sewing skills that fell short—it was my machine! In the exact moment that I went to sew the buttonholes in my dress, my sewing machine decided to konk out, leaving me feeling disappointed in both my sewing skills and my machine. An ultimate low.

The vintage world, however, was watching out for me. The day after I admitted to myself that the yellow graduation dress I had been planning months in advance of my ceremonies was no longer possible to finish, I found a navy dress—my other school color—at a vintage fair for a fantastic price. And it fit me like a glove. Praise to the vintage gods! In the end, however, I spent more money than I had intended and still have an unfinished dress with no buttonholes.

You win some, you lose some.

Though here is my win, my gorgeous ’50s dress! It’s incredibly hard to photograph, but this little number has a fabulous amount of detail. Self-covered buttons down the left side bodice, a bow on the left hip, a drop-waist seam… I love everything about this dress, and it was the perfect piece for my graduation: joyful, hopeful, and proud.




These gorgeous grad photos were taken by my talented sorority sister, Sojourner. Check her work out!

I know one day I will defeat the evil buttonhole…but with special thanks to a faulty machine, it is not this day. What sewing step gives you the most grief? Is it buttonholes, zippers, gathering? How do you defeat your biggest issue? And perhaps the most important question (for me): how do you sew a damn buttonhole beautifully?!

P.S. Look out for my (first!) weekly post on the best eBay deals for a vintage wardrobe this Sunday (TOMORROW)!

A New Beginning

Hello, gorgeous! I’m so happy to meet you! I can tell we’re going to get along well – why, we have so much in common, don’t we? Hair styling, retro dressing, shoes, shoes, shoes… We love it all here. The vintage community is an inclusive, warm-hearted, passionate group of people and I know that I’m going to have the best time jumping into this.

So how about a little introduction? I’m Lauren, a young twenty-something who grew up on Frank Sinatra tunes and retro Palm Springs vacations with my family. This is me:


My great-grandfather was a photographer for the Old Hollywood stars (yes, actually true! My family is cooler than me) and so it probably isn’t surprising that I was more familiar with Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock than the average kid.

Following the example of the glamorous gals of the silver screen, I’ve always had a retro edge to my style (once my style developed, that is… let’s not count middle school, please). I’m completely self-taught when it comes to a vintage lifestyle, failing miserably along the way. I once took 2 hours to pin curl waist-length hair, only to wash it out the next morning because I looked like a poodle – yeowch. I didn’t know the power of a proper brush-out then!

I’m an avid seamstress and have been sewing since I was thirteen – it’s my greatest joy and passion! I intend to include a lot of information about sewing for yourself to make parts of your own pin-up wardrobe on a budget! As a (very) recent college graduate – seriously, as I write this my graduation ceremony looms in two days – I don’t exactly have the resources to purchase all of my clothing from vintage reproduction brands. Though I adore them (all hail Pinup Girl Clothing!), that’s just not in the cards for now. I admire those pin-ups who can get shipments of PUG and other brands and model them beautifully for the rest of us, but honestly? That’s not going to happen for me for a long time, and I still fully believe that I can live a gorgeously retro life on my not-so-gorgeous budget.

So this blog is for you – the students, the mothers, the youngsters, the penny-pinchers, and everyone in between. This is for those of you who, like me, also can’t always afford to splurge on the lovely pieces we drool over. This blog is for those of you who believe that achieving a stunningly glamorous, authentically beautiful vintage look is possible on a budget! Money sure helps, but in the end beauty can’t be bought, right?

You can look forward to seeing simple sewing projects, “cheat” ideas to fake it ’til you make it, reviews of budget brands, and regular posts of amazing eBay finds at a steal, among other things. What else would you like to see?

Please introduce yourself! I’m so excited to get to know all the pin-up dolls in this community and achieve glamour together ❤ Until next time!