Review: Vintage-Inspired Cosmetics from Le Bombe Beaute, Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of my review of makeup brand Le Bombe Beaute! If you missed it, yesterday I went over Part 1: the 1940s Beaute kit: eyeshadows, liner, blush, lipstick, liner/brow stencils, and sealer. Today I’ll be going over the Movie Star Powder kit, a rather unique offering in the vintage cosmetics world!

Movie Star Powder Kit


I was immediately interested in trying out this set because it’s not something that I’ve seen yet in the vintage cosmetics market. It seems that most people, and most brands, think of vintage makeup as only a dark cat eye and a red lip. The 1940s, however, had very different beauty standards than the vast majority of looks sported by pinup gals!

The 1940s look was all about matte, matte, matte. All surfaces of a woman’s face were powdered in one form or another! I’ve read about the tactic of smoothing on loads of face cream or thick foundation before liberally powdering the entire face, but I had yet to try it out myself. Even Dita Von Teese has a similar method!

The Homemade Pinup & Le Bombe Beaute

Thanks to Le Bombe Beaute, I was supplied with miniature versions of cold cream, a small face brush, a cotton flannel towel, and a beautiful little pot of HD powder. The powder pot also has a puff inside for touch-ups.

The application is as such:

  • Rather liberally apply cold cream
  • Tissue off excess cream
  • Shake powder onto cotton towel and gently press onto face
  • Brush off excess powder

There is a note in the included instructions that those with dry skin may need to use face lotion before going through the steps. Because of my very dry skin, I found that the best tactic for myself is to forgo the cold cream altogether (it sucks up too much powder), and instead apply my day lotion, sunscreen, and foundation before topping it off with the 1940s application of powder.

The Homemade Pinup & Le Bombe Beaute

Just like the lipstick included in the 1940s Beaute kit, I really adore the packaging for this little powder. Though it’s not easy to see here, it also features a rose on the lid and a lovely, gently shaped pot.

I have been powdering much more than I used to in an effort to follow a more authentic look, and the ritual of these steps feels like I’ve been thrown back in time. I did find that the HD powder has a tendency to give my skin a ghostly cast – it is completely white. Since then, I’ve applied it less liberally and it looks just fine.

The strongest point of Le Bombe Beaute is indeed their charming packaging. I’ll be reusing this powder pot with my own loose foundation powder when I run out! I appreciate the variety in their products, as I haven’t seen something like the powder kit before. They offer kits for each decade, so you can easily have a makeup set for a new era if you are looking to branch out and try out the 1960s!

The Homemade Pinup & Le Bombe Beaute

Thank you for following my little reviews of Le Bombe Beaute! If you missed it, be sure to read Part 1: 1940s Beaute Kit.

Will you try out Le Bombe Beaute?

Do you prefer the stereotypical pinup look or a softer 40s makeup aesthetic?

Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

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*A big thank you to Le Bombe Beaute for providing samples for this review! All opinions are completely my own based on my experience testing them out this week.*

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