Exciting Things to Come!

Hello my lovelies!


It’s been a while, but I promise it will be worth it. I have an exciting announcement…

The Homemade Pinup is MOVING!

I’ve made the jump to an ~official~ blog, that is mine-all-mine! I’m currently in the process of building the website and making it beautiful, so that’s taking some time. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m hoping to launch within the week.


I have some fun collaborations to follow, as well as several post series in the works on living with vintage and on vintage vintage looks at non-vintage prices. Things are really getting exciting for me and I can’t wait to share. Is there anything in particular y’all would like to see for the future?


Also brand-new is my official logo. I had this vision in mind and was able to find a graphic artist who took my rough sketch and buffed out the edges to make it beautiful. I thought the image was simple but still very indicative of my focus on DIY vintage fashion and glamour here at The Homemade Pinup (hello, sewing shears!). I really hope y’all like it!





Big things are happening and I’m so thrilled to have them coming ahead at my new site. As far as I understand it, my current subscribers will be transferred over to the new URL, but when I launch I may ask y’all to follow me again there just to be safe 🙂 From then on, I will be thehomemadepinup.com! (Ooh, so official!) My goal is to have an auto-direct from this address, so the move should be seamless, but I ask you to bear with me if there are any glitches between now and then!


Thank you so much for following me here on my first blog; I hope you continue to the new site as soon as it’s up. I couldn’t do this without you, and it honestly encourages me every time I get a comment – when y’all say that I’m inspiring you to sew and create your own glamour, it makes my whole week!


What have you been sewing lately?
What inspires you?
Tell me something exciting that’s happening in your life!


Until next time – which will be at my BRAND NEW site (!!!),
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup