Me Made: A “Gertie Fabric” Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

My wardrobe has been feeling a bit lackluster recently – everything feels old and tired. I logically know that’s not the case, but you know how it is. If you don’t get something new and exciting every once in a while, NOTHING is right. So I planned a new dress!

This dress was a bit of a sudden decision but, now that it’s finished, I feel like it was meant to be. I rarely go to the fabric store without a plan, though a few of the newer fabrics from the Gertie Hirsch collection at Joann Fabric really caught my eye. These fabrics seem much higher quality than the usual Joann offerings, and include some nice rayons. A rare sight! While I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the collection as a whole print/pattern-wise, a couple of the designs look quite authentically vintage – count me in!

I ADORE the combo of this fabric and the sewing pattern I used. The fabric is a cotton sateen with a floral sketch print. This design also comes in a rayon, but the background color for that one is a beautiful sunny yellow. The fabric washes and dries well, though it has a tendency to crease quite easily. The bodice is lined in a beautiful white cotton sateen from Renaissance Fabrics, which I also used to make my Regency stays and I plan on using as the lining of my 1860s corset (do not buy the solid sateen from Joann, it hardly looks like sateen at all). Highly recommend!

My pattern is Butterick B5209, a modern pattern that’s a 1947 reprint. So this counts for the Big Vintage Sew-Along, hosted by McCalls! I love the reprinted patterns, because they’re authentic but accessible. They’re an excellent place to start, although the downside can be that the fit and the instructions have been “modernized.”

The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

I cut out one full size smaller than my envelope size, and it fits wonderfully. Alterations: I shortened the strap slightly, adjusted the position of the bust, and fit it particularly to my waistline rather than following the pattern’s waist. I also ignored the complicated hemming instructions and used my customary machine-sewn blind hem.

The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

This pattern is listed as easy, but I would label it for the courageous and advanced beginner i.e. someone who is confident of their ability and has the basic skills very solidified. Certain elements were quite fiddly, confusing, and/or annoying. The end result, however, makes all this worth it. I am obsessed!

The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

The dress is very comfortable and light, and it can be dressed up or worn for more casual outings. I’ve already worn it three or four times, can you believe it? I worked really hard to match the patterns on the front midriff piece, as well as placing similar roses on either bust piece. Not everything was possible to match, as I found out for the back bodice, but I still tried to make it look cohesive. I’m very proud of the result!

The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)The Homemade Pinup: A "Gertie Fabric" Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

All in all, I would say this pattern is worth trying. It gave a beautiful result after a bit of adjusting and fiddling, and I’m sure I’ll be using it again.


What’s your favorite sewing pattern(s) to use? Modern or vintage or otherwise?

Do you have summer wardrobe plans?

Have you worked with any of the Gertie fabrics?


Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

12 thoughts on “Me Made: A “Gertie Fabric” Blue Floral Daydream (+ Butterick B5209 review)

  1. That is beautiful! I have this pattern, but haven’t tried it yet. I have used a rayon challis Gertie’s fabric that is black with turquoise tropical flowers for a portrait blouse, and I love it! It does seem to be of higher-quality than other things I have gotten from Joanns. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Beautiful dress! You look lovely in it. I have made a top from her red and black roses knit fabric, and have some of the new blue roses cotton fabric in my stash. I do love a good rose print, and thanks to Miss Gertie for bringing them back. If you are interested, you can check out the top at


  3. Woo hoo, I have this pattern. Your version here is just beautiful! I am completely inspired to start finding material ASAP.
    When I got back into sewing a few years ago, it was the modern take on the vintage patterns that got me back into it. I just think they are so fun and really love making them fit a more modern lifestyle. šŸ˜Š


  4. Oh you sound just like me – I get that way about my wardrobe and that’s exactly why I have too much stuff…so many things and yet nothing to wear! That dress turned out beautiful, I love the fabric you picked!


  5. Hello, you did a great job with the pattern matching! I was wondering if you would be able to answer a question about the fabric for me. I would like to use it for a summer maxi skirt but I’m not sure if it would be too hot (I live in the south and it’s already made it close to 100). Do you feel it’s too heavy for hot summers? And do you think it would be light enough to use a thin elastic for the waist? Thank you! I would really appreciate your help šŸ™‚


    • Hi, thank you for visiting, I’m glad you like it! This fabric is in no way sheer, it’s similar to a cotton broadcloth. It’s not HEAVY but it’s definitely medium weight. You could put an elastic in, but whether you use it or not depends on if it’s too heavy for your summers. I personally don’t think I’d want a full length dress out of it, but the length I’m wearing is fine. I hope that helps šŸ™‚


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