Me Made: A 1930s “Vintage Gal” Giveaway Skirt

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to win the blogiversary giveaway from the lovely Vintage Gal! As if designed for the vintage-obsessed seamstress that I am, Cate was offering up a custom-drafted pattern for her 1930s Kick-Pleat Skirt. I was all too thrilled to work with Cate’s pattern and to be able to soon boast a fresh new summer skirt.


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup

Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup


I first wore this skirt to Disneyland and Disneyland’s California Adventure, imagining it as a picture-perfect match to the Art Deco themed surroundings of the newer park.

California Adventure celebrates the golden age of my Golden State. With 1930s architecture, flappers performing musical numbers in the streets, and era-appropriate songs piped through the speakers, it’s a fun blast from the past for any vintage-lover!


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup


My skirt looks rather unimaginative if you took a glance at Cate’s version (also white, also linen, though decorated with buttons and ironed much better); however, I really thought of no other fabric choice for this piece. Her design reminded me of an adorable outfit that Jean Arthur wears in The More the Merrier, so that’s the inspiration I followed.

Even though this skirt is decidedly thirties and the film is from 1943, white was a very popular color in both of these eras. And I’ve always wanted a crisp, smart white outfit!


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup


Working with this pattern was a dream and a testament to Cate’s patterning skills. I made a mockup but there really was no need, as it fit perfectly to the measurements I sent to her.

It’s made from a linen-cotton blend and is lined with a synthetic fabric I had on hand. It features a side zipper, which I hand picked, and a hook-and-eye closure with thread eyes. I also finished the deep hem by hand. I know they paid attention to details like these back in the thirties, and I really feel that they add a touch of true authenticity to our self-made pieces.


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup
Say hi to Mr. Homemade Pinup in the window reflection!


I paired it with my me-made 1940s blouse, a vintage eyelet bolero from the 1960s, and a hat I whipped up in more white linen from a 1935 magazine pattern. That will be blogged about soon!


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup

Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup


I’m so excited to wear this skirt all summer long – I already tried mixing and matching and I swear it goes with everything. It’s definitely one of the most era-specific items in my closet, as it gives an immediate thirties vibe without much effort. And yet it still matches a majority of my blouses and sweaters!

I can’t wait to make another in the future! Thanks again to Cate for her brilliant pattern.


Me Made: A 1930s "Vintage Gal" Giveaway Skirt || The Homemade Pinup
Post footwear change, but I couldn’t resist posing with this beauty!

Do you dress in 1930s style, an era I feel is less often represented?

What color is a must for your summer wardrobe?

Anything on your sewing table right now?


Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

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7 thoughts on “Me Made: A 1930s “Vintage Gal” Giveaway Skirt

  1. You look adorable! That shirt does fit you perfectly, and I’m loving the white. I can’t wait to hear about the hat, too!
    I wear a lot of 1930s clothes these days. I find the longer lines to be more flattering on my short frame!


  2. Fantastic look! A crisp white skirt really is a must have! You have styled the look perfectly and I look forward to seeing more about the hat you have made. Purple is just darling on you.


  3. This skirt looks amazing on you!
    I really love the fashion of the 1930s and also blogged some 30s inspired outfits.
    I have a grey whool skirt with a very similar cut, which I love to wear in fall and winter, but now I want one for summer, too. 😉

    Many hugs,
    Sandra ❤


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