Me Made Pencil Skirt (Vintage Simplicity 3257 Review)

This week I have a review for a fabulous combo pattern by Simplicity for both a pencil skirt and cigarette pants. With such smart separates, what more can you ask for?


This pattern is excellent because it includes different cutting lengths for various heights! I know it’s relatively easy to extend or shorter a hem length, but this pattern simplifies that. I never turn my nose up at effective alterations like that! I also peeked ahead and saw that they give you directions for customizing the seat rise for the trousers. Excellent!

My pattern has a 26 inch waist. I am a 27″, but I betted on the pattern having a bit of wearing ease, as usual – and it didn’t. So if you buy this pattern, buy to size! The waistband ended up at just about 26 inches, so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze for me.


This specific project was a remake – I took a skirt I previously had and cut it down! I love reusing fabrics and giving them new life. Sustainability feels good and looks good too 😉 Below is the before!


The pattern had simple instructions and easy-to-use pieces. I think this pencil skirt only had three pieces! I was looking through vintage images and feel that, though the pattern is from the early 1960s, it is an appropriate skirt for the 1940s through the 1960s and beyond, depending on hemline and how you style it.

My main complaints are that the description of how to lap the zipper was very confusing before it “clicked.” Additionally, they don’t instruct you to unpick the stitches to release the kick pleat in the back.


I used a ribbon as a hem facing (like the rayon tape in almost all vintage dresses) and did a machine-sewn invisible hem (aka blind hem). I’ve got to admit, after practice I’m getting so good at this! It was tricky to master but it is so, so satisfying when you can barely see the stitches on the right side. Would y’all be interested in a picture or video tutorial?

Though I always add pockets to my projects, I chose not to for this skirt to keep a smooth, tight line.

In summary: I highly recommend Simplicity 3257 for a pencil skirt staple, though I haven’t used it to make trousers yet. It was quick and easy and includes some great details for truly vintage finishing.

Do you have a favorite separates pattern, vintage or otherwise?

Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

15 thoughts on “Me Made Pencil Skirt (Vintage Simplicity 3257 Review)

  1. Oh that skirt looks absolutely darling! I have a pencil skirt pattern, but I haven’t tried them it yet. I’ll get to that this summer.
    I use Simplicity 2382 for button up blouses, and Simplicity 4292 for peasant blouses. I’ve almost got muscle memory with them, haha!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts


  2. I usually draft skirt patterns (both flared and fitted), but I might have a look at this pattern for the cigarette pants as they look amazing.
    And I’d love a video about blind hems, would be quite interesting.
    You look darling in this skirt. ♥


    • I was the same, I was never really drawn to the narrow shape until I tried this pattern. It somehow emphasizes my narrow hips in a way I didn’t expect from a slim skirt! And it’s very easy wearing. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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