Me Made Monday: A Wearable Muslin

Hello dollies!

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve posted, it seems. Too long! As some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been battling some health issues that are quite pervasive. While I’m not healed yet, I do believe I’m on the mend – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Unfortunately, when illness or some other unexpected issue strikes, one is forced to rearrange their priorities. For me, that meant no blogging, reduced Instagram interaction, and few outings, all of which has affected me greatly. My natural inclination is optimism and a cheerful disposition, and I’m hoping that returns in full force as my physical health improves. I’m trying to force motivation into myself again, as something like this really has a way of draining you of your “normal” life and attitude.

This is a project that I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t even tell you how much I adore it. The blouse is actually a “wearable muslin” for a vintage blouse pattern, Advance 6261 – I was testing out a few alterations, and lo and behold, they worked perfectly! The size I purchased is a 34, which is my true measurement, but vintage bust measurements are notorious for being quite roomy, so I pulled up the shoulder seams and reduced the sides by about an inch on each side. Perfect!


IMG_3299 IMG_3310 DSCF0644

{My apologies for the unsightly power lines in these photographs. The idea of gearing up to take photos at a distant location has been rather unappealing since I started feeling ill.}

In an effort to reduce my impact on the environment as well as my wallet, I used a dress I purchased 4 years ago from Urban Outfitters for the fabric. The dress was really atrocious – it was the kind of thing that truly wouldn’t be flattering on anyone, regardless of body type – and even then I only bought it because it was $5 and I knew the fabric could make something wonderful. I actually bought TWO of them, in two colors, and so this is the second redo I did. The dresses were a really lightweight cotton, perfect for the horrid weather we’ve been having in SoCal, so I’ve been wearing my newly re-made garment quite a bit lately. I wish I had a before picture, but this blouse came from the skirt of the dress – the pocket is now at center back, stitched together and trimmed off so it looks like a seam. Some artful finagling 😉 I’m pleased with how versatile this piece is, from skirts to pants to shorts, tucked and untucked.IMG_3305IMG_3306

I try not to buy buttons either, as I have quite an extensive collection gifted from various relatives and acquaintances, but the placket on this pattern was too big for my small buttons. I didn’t want the buttons to be swallowed in such a large space, so I purchased these lovely, woven-textured wooden buttons from Joann for something like $2 – not a huge expense, I’d say!

IMG_3308 IMG_3309

All in all, I’m incredibly pleased with this quick project that resulted in a very useful, wearable, attractive piece to add to my growing collection of separates. I already have fabric to make more from this pattern! To be continued…

Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup

P.S. A quick thank you to everyone for sticking with me during the hiatus. I’m doing my best to get everything back to normal – I’m eager to get it back – so hopefully I’ll be sewing and posting up a storm soon!

7 thoughts on “Me Made Monday: A Wearable Muslin

  1. I simply adore that top. You are a talented seamstress! I would love to own a half dozen of such tops. They are always the hole in my wardrobe as I try to create my look. Sorry you have been unwell. I am sadly a chronically ill lady as well as a blogger and I know how very hard it is to keep up. Hope you feel better soon.


    • Thank you, Ruby! I need to continue making these blouses, as they are truly wonderful to wear. I, like you, also suffer from a severe lack of tops. I’m sorry to hear that you go through health problems as I do, as I know that it’s really not fun. My health has been looking up little by little – I hope yours is, as well.


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