Me Made Monday: A Bernie Dexter-Inspired Toile

Hello lovelies! I know I said my intention was to post a newly made garment each week, but unfortunately my ambition got away with me and I tried to work on three projects, meaning I completed zero. Of course. I’m sure one would have been finished if I had any clue how to work with stretch denim, but… I can make excuses all day long, right?

So today my Me Made Monday offering is one that I finished August 2013! I was inspired by Bernie Dexter’s Paris dress in Blue Toile and just happened to have the perfect cotton fabric to match. I also was aware of Dita Von Teese’s lovely paniered toile dress, so I’d consider that inspirational as well.

5a5fbc2b57a4348f31dc03e3799b7591 pin-up_bernie_dexter-paris-DSC00424_1024x1024

My inspirations!

My dress is half lined, with piped straps, single piping all around the neckline to the back, and double piping at the waist. This was the first time that I ever attempted a lapped, hand-picked zipper, and to this day I’m very pleased with how that turned out!

tumblr_mr767y5rDH1qa95lvo1_1280 tumblr_mr767y5rDH1qa95lvo3_1280

I’ve worn this dress a fair amount since making it, but unfortunately I knew little about flat patterning when I drafted it. Add on the fact that I’ve become considerably more busty in the nearly two years following, and the top of this baby doesn’t fit me at all; even then it didn’t fit very well, if you look closely. So no photos of the top of it from yesterday! The pictures above were taken soon after I completed it, when I was far less knowledgable about how to keep my curls looking good all day. Please excuse the blob of curls!

Recently, I only wear this dress with a cardigan or jacket on top, because I refuse to wear something that shows a quarter of my bra at the armscye – not classy. Yesterday’s photographs were taken by my boyfriend who was egging me on, which explains the amount of animation compared to my usual photos! (Pose! Model for me! Be a pin-up!) Despite this, it’s clear that my man is no professional photographer, as it seems I’ve lost my feet in several photos 😉

IMG_0982IMG_0980I’m most proud of the pattern matching on this piece, as well as all the detail work I put into it – the piping, the neat lining, the hand-picked zipper. Details like this are what I think really elevate a piece from looking simply homemade to looking custom and couture. 

I will, however, be remaking this dress very soon – or at LEAST adding a side bust dart. I’d really like to be able to wear it without covering up the gaping after all the detailing I put into it! Look out for that alteration within a couple of weeks!

What garments are you showcasing for Me Made Monday today? Tag #memademonday as well as @thehomemadepinup on Instagram, and drop your blog link in the comments below! I’d love to feature your pieces 🙂

Until next time,
Lauren || The Homemade Pinup


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