eBay Round-up: Week of 06/14

It’s time again for this week’s eBay highlights! My apologies for the lapse last week – I was busy at the Pinup Girl Yard Sale and forgot to write and schedule the eBay post ahead of time. Apparently I’m not very good as this blogging thing yet!

As always, let me know what you would like to see in future eBay round-ups, like blouses, pants, dresses, shoes, or anything else! And please leave a comment if you end up buying anything, I’m so curious. I’d love to hear from y’all!


Sexy Vintage 50’s 60’s Air Steps Brown Ombre Pierced High Heel Shoes Size 7B: $20.25 BIN + FREE shipping, auction ends 07/14 at 9:13am
Free shipping for shoes is SO awesome, and this pair is a beaut!


Vtg GOSSARD ARTEMIS Nylon FULL SLIP sz 36 Beautiful Lace Lingerie Nightgown: $6.99 + $2.13 shipping, auction ends tomorrow 5:57pm
Slips are one of my favorite things to buy on eBay (or buy vintage in general). They are usually quite inexpensive, and the quality is so much higher than modern slips.

gossard artemis slip

Vintage 1950’s Simplicity Pants & Skirt Sewing Pattern #3257 Complete waist 26: $0.99 + $2.93 shipping, auction ends Saturday 12:50pm
A pencil skirt and cigarette pants, what more do you need for a wardrobe of fabulous basics?


Leather gloves. vintage small very soft: $3.59 + FREE shipping, auction ends Saturday 12:33am
I love the detailing on these beauties.


vintage baby blue shift dress size M- handmade: $2.50 + $5 shipping, auction ends TODAY 5:38pm

shift dress blue

X642 Amazing garter corset *garter belt 25/26″ 65cm*very shaping: $1 + $8.50 shipping, auction ends 6/21 at 10pm
The criss-cross detailing on this is stunning.

x642 garter

Vintage Carved Floral Dark Green Bakelite Buckle: $5 BIN + $2.50 shipping, auction ends 7/14 at 9:31am
I really hope some sewing maven out there can make use of this amazing piece, it is SO gorgeous.

carved bakelite buckel

Vintage Basket STRAW/BAMBOO/WICKER PURSE WITH FLORAL DESIGN: $5 ($19.95 BIN) + $12.95 shipping, auction ends next Sunday at 2:18pm

red wicker

Vintage 50’s plaid shorts perfect for summer!!!: $12.99 + $3.54 shipping, waist 33″, auction ends Wednesday at 12:57pm
Some shorts to start off your Grace Kelly style this summer 😉

plaid shorts

Mexican Vintage Style Sandals Rockabilly Pinup 7.5 VLV Bait Rocket Miss L Fire: $10 + FREE shipping, auction ends TOMORROW at 4:05pm
…And some shoes for your Grace Kelly style!

white sandals

Happy shopping!

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